Can apply for a visa or permit those foreign non-residents in the eu that will carry out the procedures necessary for developing entrepreneurial activity or to initiate, develop or conduct economic activity as an entrepreneur in Spain.

Types of licences

Authorization of residence: when the applicant is legally in spain, you'll get a3 yearsto reside and work throughout the national territory.

Where application of residence and renew?

Authorization of residence: in the unit of Big business and Strategic Collective.UGE-CE


General documentsavailable at: Background information.

Documents specific to the entrepreneur: (*)

  1. The professional profile of the applicant, the training and professional experience as well as their involvement in the project. In the event that there are several partners, the participation of each of them, both of applying for visas as those that do not require the same.
  2. The business plan, at least with the following elements:
    1. Project description: entrepreneurship to develop, start date, location, legal form of the company, potential economic impact of the investment, description of the number of jobs that it is estimated to be introduced and their duties and qualifications, planned activities for the promotion and sales strategy.
    2. Description of product or service: the description will be detailed and include the innovative aspects.
    3. Market analysis: valuation of the market and expected developments, description of the potential competitors, assessment of potential consumers and analysis of supply and demand.
    4. Funding: investment required, sources of funding and financial plan.
    5. The added value to the spanish economy, innovation and investment opportunities.

    (*) In the case of visas, mustget the favourable report prior to the visa application.