Highly Qualified professional

Companies seeking to hire highly-qualified foreign professionals who meet the requisits of having graduate or post-graduate degrees from qualified universities or business schools, certification in higher vocational or professional training, or are specialists with experience comparable to a minimum of three years, will be able to request residency authorization according to the requirements referred to in the twentieth provision of this law.

Types of permits

Residence permit: if the applicant is legally in Spain, you will get a permit 3 years or the duration of the contract if minor, to live and work throughout the national territory.

Where submit applications for residence?

Authorization of residence: in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives. UGE-CE

Required documents

  • General documents: available in General information.
  • Specific documents for Highly Qualified Professional.

    Documents attesting to comply with the requirement to which they host:

    • University graduates and postgraduates: Degree from a university or business school of recognized prestige.
    • Documents showing the applicant.
    • Copy of the contract or professional relationship between both parties.
    • Profile of the job.


  • Accreditation of fulfilling the requirements in Strategic Sector, there will be only once, being registered in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives.
  • such registration will be valid for 3 years renewable if maintained requirements.
  • any modification of conditions must be communicated to the unity of large companies and Strategic Collective within 30 days. In case of not communicate this change, the company will be registered in unity.