Training in I+D+i

Types of permits, conditions and duration

Residence permit: when the applicant is legally in Spain, he/she will obtain a permit for 3 years or for the duration of the contract if it is shorter, to reside and work throughout the national territory.

Where to submit the application for residence?

Residence permit: at the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit. UGE-CE

Documents needed

  • General documents: see General Information.
  • Specific documents for Highly Qualified Professionals:
    1. Documents accrediting in which case the contracting entity is included:
      • If it is a body referred to in the law (public universities; public research bodies, state and regional; universities and private entities in accordance with the first additional provision of the law).
      • If it is a business entity or R&D&I center established in Spain, they will need a report from the Directorate General for Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation (MINECO).
      • If it is a public or private entity signing an agreement, under the conditions to be developed by regulations.
      • If it is a higher education and research body or center.
      • If it is a business school established in Spain.
    2. Present documentation that accredits the professional relationship between the entity and the interested party.