Training in r + D + i

Types of permits, conditions and duration

Authorization of residence: when the applicant is legally in spain, you'll get a3 yearsor duration of the contract if the minor, to reside and work throughout the national territory.

Where application of residence?

Authorization of residence: in the unit of Big business and Strategic Collective.UGE-CE


  • General documentsavailable at: Background information.
  • Documents specific to the High Quality:
    1. Documented case in which the procuring entity includes:
      • If an agency referred to in the law (public universities; research bodies, state and autonomous groups; universities and private entities in accordance with the D.A. first of the act).
      • Si se trata de una entidad empresarial o centro de I+D+i establecido en España, necesitarán el informe de la D.G. de Innovación y Competitividad (MINECO).
      • If a public or private entity signatory of a convention, in the conditions to develop regulations.
      • Si se trata de un órgano o centro de educación superior e investigación.
      • If a business school located in spain.
    2. Use the professional relationship between entity and self-serving.