Training in I+D+I

You can request a residence permit foreigners UE not commuting to Spain, or that while holding a residence permit and residence, wish to conduct training, research, development and innovation in public or private entities, in the following cases:

  1. Research staff (article 13 of the Lay 14/2011, 1 June, science, technology and innovation).
  2. Personal científico y técnico que lleve a cabo trabajos de investigación científica, desarrollo e innovación tecnológica, en entidades empresariales o centros de I+D+i establecidos en España.
  3. Researchers placed in the framework of an agreement by public or private research, under the conditions established by regulation.
  4. Profesores contratados por universidades, órganos o centros de educación superior e investigación, o escuelas de negocios establecidos en España.

Types of permits, conditions and duration

Residence permit: if the applicant is legally in Spain, you will get a permit 2 years or the duration of the contract if minor, to live and work throughout the national territory.

Where submit applications for residence?

Residence permit: in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives. UGE-CE

Required documents

  • General documents: available in General information.
  • Specific documents for Highly Qualified Professional:
    1. Documents attesting to what course includes the contracting entity:
      • If is a body covered by the law (public universities; public research organizations, state and autonomist; universities and private entities agree with the D.A. first of law).
      • If it is a business entity or R&D center established in Spain, they will need the report of the D.G. for Innovation and Competitiveness (MINECO).
      • If it is a public or private entity signatory of a convention, under conditions to develop regulations.
      • If it is an organ or center of higher education and research.
      • Whether it is a business school established in Spain.
    2. Submit documents certifying the professional relationship between entity and interested.

Download the brochure "training and I+D+i"