Corporate Relocation

You can request a visa or a residence permit foreigners UE not commuting to Spain within the framework of an employment relationship, professional or vocational training, with a company or group of companies established in Spain or in another country.

The residence permit intra-company transfer will have two modes:

  1. Residence permit UE ICT intra-company transfer :

    Will this authorisation on the assumption temporary displacement to work as managers, specialist or for training, since an established company outside the European Union to an entity owned by the same company or group of companies established in Spain.

    For these purposes:

    1. Manager, anyone who has among its functions the direction of the company or a department or branch of the same.
    2. Specialist, anyone who possesses expertise related to the activities, technical or management of the entity.
    3. Worker in training, the university graduate who is moved with the aim of obtaining a training in the techniques or methods of the entity and receiving retribution for this.
  2. National authorization residence by intra-company transfer .

    Will this authorisation in cases not previously covered or once you have passed the maximum length of transfer under the intra-company transfer ICT UE.

Types of permits, conditions and duration

Residence permit: if the applicant is legally in Spain, you will get a permit 2 years or the duration of the contract if minor, to live and work throughout the national territory.

  1. Residence permit UE ICT intra-company transfer :

    The maximum length of the transfer is three years in the case of directors or specialists and one in the case of workers in training.

  2. National authorisation of residence by intra-company transfer :

    The maximum length of the transfer will be 2 years or the contract if minor, renewable.

Where submit applications for residence?

Residence permit: in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives. UGE-CE

Required documents

  • General documents: available in General information.
  • Specific documents for Highly Qualified Professional:

    Documents attesting to:

    • The existence of a real business and, in its case, the business group.
    • Tertiary education or equivalent or, in their case, professional minimum experience of 3 years.
    • The existence of an employment relationship or professional, upon and continuously, 3 months with one or several of the companies of the group.
    • Documentation of the company that certifies the transfer.


In the case of residence permit UE ICT intra-company transfer :

  • Holders of a residence permit intra-company transfer ICT UE valid, issued by Spain, may enter, reside and work in one or several member states prior communication or request for authorization, in its case, authorities of these statements in accordance with its rules in implementation of the directive 2014/66/HAT of the European Parliament and of the board of 15 May 2014 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals within the framework of intra-company transfers.
  • Entities established in other member states of the union, may displace Spain, prior communication to the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives, to foreigners holding an authorization of intra-company transfer ICT HAT during the validity of such authorization.

Exceptions of ICT UE

The General Direction of migrations may object, so motivated to mobility within 20 days from the request, under the following circumstances:

  1. When not comply with the conditions stipulated in this article.
  2. When the documents presented have been fraudulently acquired, or have been falsified or manipulated.
  3. When you reach the maximum length of transfer. In case of opposition from the General direction of migration, the first state will allow the re-entry without further processing abroad shifted and her family. If not yet occurred displacement to Spain, resolution refusal prevents the same.

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