Highly Qualified professional

When a company requires the incorporation in Spanish territory of foreign professionals for the development of a labour relationship or professional included in any of the following circumstances:

  1. Managers or highly qualified, when the company or group of companies collect any of the following characteristics:
    1. Average of template during the three months immediately preceding the filing of the application greater than 250 workers in Spain, in high in the corresponding Social security system.
    2. Volume of annual net higher business in Spain, 50 million euros; or volume of its own funds or higher equity in Spain, 43 million euros.
    3. Average annual gross investment from the outside, not less than 1 million euros in the three years immediately prior to the presentation of the application.
    4. Companies with a value of stock investor or position according to the latest data of registration of foreign investments of the ministry of economy and competitiveness over 3 million euros.
    5. Belonging, in the case of small and medium companies established in Spain, a strategic sector.
  2. Managers or highly qualified forming part of a business project involving, alternatively and whenever the condition alleged based on this course is considered and accredited as of general interest, according to one or more of the following conditions:
    1. A significant increase in the creation of jobs directly by the company requesting recruitment.
    2. Maintenance of employment.
    3. A significant increase in the creation of jobs in the sector of activity or geographical area in that is going to develop the job.
    4. An extraordinary investment with socioeconomic impact of relevance in the geographical scope in which it will develop the job.
    5. A combination of reasons of interest to the trade and investment policy of spain.
  3. Graduates, postgraduate universities and business schools of recognized prestige.

Types of permits

  • Visa: where the applicant is outside Spain, you will get a permit 1 year to reside and work throughout the national territory.
  • Residence permit: if the applicant is legally in Spain, you will get a permit 2 years or the duration of the contract if minor, to live and work throughout the national territory.

Where submit applications for residence?

  • Visa: in Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices. Embassies and consulates
  • Authorization of residence: in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives. UGE-CE

Required documents

  • General documents: available in General information.
  • Specific documents for Highly Qualified Professional.

    Documents attesting to comply with the requirement to which they host:

    • Template greater than 250 workers.
    • turnover of the company.
    • foreign investment: certificate of registration of Investments.
    • PYMES que pertenecen a un Sector Estratégico: Informe previo de la Dirección General de Comercio Internacional e Inversiones.
    • companies that develop projects considered of general interest: Prior report of the overall direction of International Trade and investment.
    • Graduados y postgraduados de Universidades: Título de la Universidad o Escuela de Negocios de Reconocido Prestigio.
    • documents showing the applicant.
    • Copy of the contract or professional relationship between both parties.
    • profile of the job.

Where to request the SME, Strategic Sector or General Interest report?

At the General Directorate of International Trade and Investments. Application form [PDF] [93 KB]


  • Accreditation of fulfilling the requirements in Strategic Sector, there will be only once, being registered in the unity of large companies and Strategic Collectives.
  • such registration will be valid for 3 years renewable if maintained requirements.
  • any modification of conditions must be communicated to the unity of large companies and Strategic Collective within 30 days. In case of not communicate this change, the company will be registered in unity.

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