Digital nomads (international teleworkers)

Teleworking international non-EU foreigners can obtain a residence permit to practice a professional job or for companies based outside national territory, through the exclusive use of means and systems, telephone and telecommunication facilities.

In the case of exercise of his/her own labour, the holder of the authorization by international telework can only work for companies based outside national territory.

In the case of exercising a professional activity, the holder of the international teleworking authorization will be allowed to work for a company located in Spain, provided that the percentage of such work does not exceed 20% of the total professional activity.


  • Accreditation of being a graduate or postgraduate of prestigious universities, vocational training and business schools of recognized standing, or professional experience at least three years.
  • Existence of real and continued activity by the company contracting the applicant.
  • Credentials proving the working or professional relationship can be undertaken remotely.
  • Accreditation that the working relationship between the applicant or professional and worker has existed for at least three months, as well as documents attesting to the terms and conditions of the activity.

Types of licences and duration

Visa: where the applicant is outside of Spain, s/he will get permission, if s/he so wishes, to reside and work throughout the national territory. The duration of permit is 1 year, unless the working period is less than this, in which case the visa will have the same duration.

Once the year has passed, s/he should seek a residency permit

Residency permit: when the applicant is legally in Spain, s/he will receive a permit for 3 years, if s/he so wishes, to reside and work throughout the national territory.

Where to apply for residency?