General Information

Types of licences

  • Visa: when the applicant is outside of Spain.
  • Authorization of residence: when the applicant is legally in spain.

Duration of the permissions

  • Visa 1 year, after which should apply for a permit of residence.
  • Authorization of residence - three years.

Where application of residence?

  • Visa: In diplomatic and Consular offices. Embassies and consulates.
  • Authorization of residence: in the unit of Big business and Strategic Collective. UGE-CE


  • General documents:
    • Passport or NIE. The applicant must be 18 years.
    • Private and public medical insurance.
    • Criminal record. Lack of criminal record in spain and the countries where they have resided in the last five years.
    • Accreditation of adequate means for themselves and their family members during their period of residence in Spain.
  • Documents specific to each category:

    Consult each category.

Who is submitting the request?

  • In the case of investors and entrepreneurs the person concerned or a representative duly accredited.
  • In the case of highly qualified professionals, training and r+D+i and transfer of intra- the legal entity, wishing to engage abroad.

Is it possible to renew?

You can request the renewal of residence, provided that they remained the initial conditions, by:

  • Five years for the category of investor.
  • Two years for therest of the categories.

Can accompany relatives?

Family members may request, parallel or successive, visa or permit:

  • The spouse or person with a similar relationship of emotional health.
  • Children under age or older than economically dependent of the holder and they did not themselves a family unit.
  • Ascendants.


The beneficiary of the permits obtained under the law 14/2013, and their families may:

  • Work and reside in the entire national territory.
  • Does not apply the national employment Situation.
  • The application for authorization of residence or of renewal to the UGE-CE automatically extended the validity of the status of residence or stay outside of the holder.
  • Faster deadlines for resolving:
    • Visa: 10 working days
    • Residence: 20 working days